Age Discrimination
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Robin Field

It was forty years ago right on my birthday
That Benson Brothers Sporting Goods had hired me.
Every year they praised my work as office manager.
Then on my seventieth birthday, they fired me.
So I thought to myself, "What should I do?"
And without a moment's doubt I thought," I'll sue!"

It was age discrimination! Age discrimination!
Without an explanation from my employer,my ex-employer!
It was age discrimination! Age discrimination!
Through the bar assocation, I found a lawyer,
A fancy lawyer!

When I told him they had hired someone younger
For my job at half the salary they paid me.
He said,"We cannot prove discrimination."
But I wouldn't let his attitude dissuade me.
So I vowed I would handle my own case.
And I found a course that's given in this place,called

"How to Be Your Own Attorney, Be Your own Attorney."
If my darling husband Ernie was still alive,
I know he'd say
It was age discrimination! Age discrimination!
They were wrong, they owe me money,
And they should pay! I'll make them pay.

When I told dear Mr.Benson I was suing
To get my old position back at work again,
He quickly offered me five thousand dollars
And demotion to the status of a clerk again!!
I said, "I'll take the money, I'm no snob!
But you can keep your crumby little job."

I'm sick of age discrimination, age discrimination! It's your loss! I wouldn't work here
At any wage, at any age!!
No more age discrimination, age discrimination!
So let's have a celebration
As we make this proclamation
That like wine as we get older
We're getting better
Better and better
With age!
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