Don't Get Me Started
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Robin Field

Do I miss him?
Not a bit.
Except each morning when I wake up,
That's it!
Oh yes and every night
Before I go to bed
I close my eyes and he's there inside my head.
Don't get me started.

Do I miss him?
Not at all.
Except each time I hear the phone ring
And I know I'll never call.

Or when I hear our favorite music from Giselle.
Or remember how we rode that carousel.
Or weekends at that charming old hotel.
Don't get me started! Don't get me started!

As long as I keep busy
I'm not miserable, not a drop.
So I'm running on a treadmill
And I'm too afraid to stop.

So do I miss him
Since we parted
Do I ever get down-hearted?
Please don't ask!
Don't get me started!
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