Goin' Fishin'
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Robin Field

It's daybreak
On a misty country lake.
I'm floatin' along in my rowboat.
Feelin' fine.
Castin' my line.
Goin' fishin'.

It's mid-day
As I dream the hours away.
I'm floatin' along in my rowboat.
Haven't caught one
Still I'm happy in the sun.
Goin' fishin'.

A friend of mine once said to me,
"You gotta keep dreamin' and wishin'
But if you want to catch your dreams
Get out there and go fishin'!"

Well, it's nightfall
Haven't had one bite at all.
I'm tired of floatin' along in this rowboat.
I'll go in to shore and then
I don't feel like comin' back again.

Then I remember
There's no guarantee
That I'll catch
Many fish,
But I gotta try or
Guaranteed I won't catch
Any fish.
So if you've got ambition
Keep on dreamin', keep on wishin'
And start goin fishin'.
Come on,
Let's go fishin'!
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