I Sing to My Plants
Words and Music by Dottie Burman

My houseplants often died
Even though I tried
Vitamins and insect sprays,
Special lights for gloomy days.
Finally I found a way
To help them get along.
I sing to my plants
Or play each one a song.

I sing a calypso tune
To my potted palm!
I sing "Home on the Range"
To my cactus, the fact is
My dracaena, keeps getting greena"
When I play a lively tune on my

I beat the conga drums
For my African violets.
I hum a theme from a Hayden symphonia
For my begonia.
My rubber tree, loves a rhapsody.
My swinging vine likes rock and roll fine.

A gregorian chant
Works on every plant!
When I sing stac-ca -to,
You should see my avacatto!
Sometimes I think I hear
Them sing along.
I even dreamed a saw them dancing too, it's true!
When I play "Hava Nagila" you should see what they do...
They dance(music-Hava Nagila)
Hava nagila
Hava nagila
Hava nagila
With my wandering Jew!

So If your houseplants die
Even though you try
Vitamins and insect sprays
Special lights for gloomy days
You can make a miracle just find your favorite tune
And sing to your plants--ah-ah-ah!
And watch your flowers bloom!
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