I Volunteer
Words and Music by Dottie Burman

I volunteer! I volunteer!
It's the greatest way to get to help everybody here.
I volunteeer! I volunteer!

If you want to make a difference every day,
In the lives of other people far and near,
You can do it for the joy and not the pay,
When you speak the magic words, "I volunteer."


While you're helping other people you should know,
There's a secret you will learn if you're sincere.
"Helping others also helps yourself to grow."
So just find a place to say, "I volunteer."


It's a chance to learn new lessons you can use
To prepare you for a challenging career,
Or to make new friends that you will never lose
When you step right up and shout, "I volunteer."


So now find someone who needs what you can give,
And then volunteer your time and never fear!
You can change the lives that all of you will live
When you sing this from your soul, "I volunteer!"

Chorus -repeat 2x
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