Indoor Woman
Words and Music by Dottie Burman

My big romance is over.
I know it's for the best.
He tried to change the way I am
It got me so depressed.
I'm ready now to meet somebody new.
A man who'll say, "I love authentic you."
I think I know the perfect way
To find my Valentine.
I'll register for Meet A Mate dot com
On line!
Here is the description of myself that I just wrote.
I'll post it with my photograph, now I will quote:

I am an indoor woman
And I'm looking for an indoor man.
I am physically fit but I never go jogging.
It makes me sore.
But I get exercise when I'm shopping and running
From store to store.
When I get home I watch T.V.
Or read a good book and listen to music
Would you like to do that with me?

'Cause I don't want to go hiking
And put up a tent in a forest camp.
I don't think it is fun
When you're cooking outdoors
And it's buggy and damp.
I know what I prefer to do.
Let's go to an elegant restaurant in town
With a candlelit dinner for two.
ëCause I'm an indoor woman
And I'm lookig for an indoor man.

Are you someone who's sensitive, artistic and poetic?
Who'll join me at a concert or a play?
If you're like every other man who wants someone athletic,
Forget it! That isn't me in any way.

No, I don't want to go skiing
And race down a hill in a raging storm.
I despise all that snow cause
It's wet and it's cold and I like staying warm.
Can you fulfill my heart's desire?
Let's gaze at the mountains while sipping our wine
In the ski lodge in front of the fire.
Cause I'm an indoor woman.
And I'm looking for an indoor man.
So if instead of playing a game on a tennis court,
You prefer just playing around at an indoor sport.
Please email me as fast as you can.
I'll be your indoor woman
And you can be my indoor man.
Won't you be my indoor man?
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