Is She Jewish?
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Rick Cummins

I'll bet that some of you are looking at me,
And this is what you're thinking privately...
Is she Jewish?
She doesn't look it
With all those freckles and red hair!
She must be Irish!
An Irish Catholic!
Look at her profile it shows
Such a nice little nose!
She can't be Jewish!
Her name is Burman.
She spells it Burman with a "u."
She must be German.
A German Burman!
A Burman spelled with a "u,"
Just can't be a Jew!
Is she married or at least divorced or widowed?
For to be accepted in the Jewish clan,
It really doesn't matter what he looks like,
But any nice Jewish girl should have a man!
(spoken) Well let me tell you
Of course, I'm Jewish!
My hair is natural
With some assistance from a jar!
And my cute nose bob
Is from a nose job.
Promise you'll never tell!
Do you think it suites me well?

Our name was Bierman.
B-i-e- Bierman,
When my Daddy landed here.
But he was frightened
By anti-semites
So he spelled it B-u-
Did your folks do that too?
You'll be glad to know I have a steady boyfriend.
You should quell for me, so why are you perplexed?
I've told you all about my Jewish background.
Now I can tell by your face what you'll ask next...
Is he Jewish?
Is he Jewish?
Well-with his natural blonde hair and his eyes of baby blue
He could be the captain of a royal viking crew.
His name is Randall Evan Mills,
Which is no name for a Jew.
But you can't judge a book by it's cover.
You've got it-he's my Yiddish-a lover
He's Jewish!
Relax......we're Jewish!-mazel tov!
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