Liberty's Lament
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Robin Field

INTRO: "If the Statue of Liberty could talk, this is what she might say to her psychiatrist."

Doctor, I'm glad you consented to see me.
I hope that the ride on the ferry was nice.
I count on your keeping our sessions a secret.
I'm very upset, and I need your advice.
Picture my life as a poor girl in Paris.
I treasured a dream of a life on the stage.
I never could win any roles at auditions.
Producers, they said, "You're too tall for your age!"
Then I met Fred'ric Bartholdi,
A sculpteur and entrepreneur.
Fred'ric Bartholdi, he told me,
"I'll make you rich and secure."
He said my height was an asset,
And he didn't find it grotesque.
Bartholdi, he told me, if I'd let him mold me,
I would be statuesque.

Doctor, we happily left France together.
We came to America, land of the free.
We moved to this island right near to the city,
And all of the people, they looked up to me.
Soon, I became an important attraction.
They honored my name from the North to the South.
I wanted to act, but Bartholdi, he told me,
"My darling, just stand there! Don't open your mouth!"

I was in love with Bartholdi,
So I was afraid to protest.
Fred'ric Bartholdi controlled me,
This made me very depressed.

He swore he loved and adored me.
I felt his hot flame burn and scorch.
Bartholdi, he'd hold me, but when I grew old, he
Just left me here holding a torch!

When he had gone, I developed bursitis.
I also got headaches. My hat didn't fit.
I could not conceal I had taken to drinking.
Remember, by sunset I used to get lit?
As a result, my complexion turned greenish.
My flame, it just flickered, until one dark night:

I met a young stranger, an urban park ranger.
He said he would help me to turn up my light.
He told me, "I love and adore you.
I've worshipped you, dear, from afar.
My darling, my love will restore you.
I'll finally make you a star!"
To prove he was not like Bartholdi,
He thought of a wonderful gift.
With friends from the city, he formed a committee,
And they gave my face a lift.

Doctor, I should be happy.
I have a new love, I'm the toast of the town.
But doctor, I still have a serious problem:
The problem is - I can't lie down!
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