When the Palm Trees Grow in Central Park
Words and Music by Dottie Burman

 I am here today to encourage you
To join the new committee I am forming.
We call ourselves the New Yorkers who
Want to aid the rapid rise of global warming.
Think of all the benefits for you
When you support the manufacture of that
Precious CO2.
That precious CO2.

When the air is filled with lots of lovely free-on.
We will have a climate like the Cari-bee-on.
And we'll be forever grateful and give thanks
As we watch the Hudson River
Overflow its banks.
Then on this island where the weather's trop-i-cal
Every street will be a flowing grand ca-na-al.
So no matter where you live it will be true
That you can boast you have a home
That has a river view.
To get around the city
By gondola you'll embark
When the palm trees grow in Central Park.
When the palm trees grow in Central Park.

You will save a lot of money.
Here's the reason.
You will only need one wardrobe
For one season.
No more going down to Florida each year.
The people down in Florida will all be coming here.
This is an inexpensive place for recreation.
You can stay at home and have a great vacation.
On Thanksgiving our parade will be the best.
You can watch the floats go floating by
On Central Park West.
Have a picnic in November.
or December, what a lark!
When the palm trees grow in Central Park
When the palm trees grow in Central Park.

Here are several things that you can do
To cut down on the oxygen, and increase CO2.
And increase CO2.
You can buy another S.U.V.
Then cut down another tree.
Keep your air conditioner going
Keep those light bulbs brightly glowing
You'll be proud that you have helped
To make our effort hit the mark.
When the palm trees grow
Waving to and fro.
When the palm trees grow,
No more ice and snow.
When the palm trees grow in Central Park. Ole!
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