Serious Love Songs
Lyrics by Dottie Burman, Music by Rick Cumminst

Maybe it's the headlines.
Maybe it's my age.
That voice inside is telling me
To turn another page.
Don't ask me why!
Don't ask me how!
Something in me haschanged,and now
Suddenly, I want to write serious love songs.
Serious isn't easy for me to do.
I come up with cliches
Of all the different ways
That I can say
That I am so in love with you.
Suddenly, I want to write passionate love songs.
Passionate is the way I would like to be.
Instead I often choose
To banter and amuse,
It's always been the safest path for me.
A joke is my way of concealing
The tenderness I'm feeling.
It's part of my diverting little game.
Forgive me ifI'm wary.
But frankly, it seems scary.
I'm afraid that you might say
You don't feel the same.
Suddenly I want to write serious love songs.
Seemingly impossible to do.
Hey, look what I've gone and done!
I must admit I had fun.
Writing this serious love song
Just for you.
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