That's My Grandchild
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Rick Cummins

Here's a picture of my Sarah
At her second birthday party.
That's her mother, she's my daughter.
That's her Dad right next to me!
Everybody when they meet her
Says she's such a pretty baby
She could make a lot of money
In commercials on T.V.

No if's, but's or maybe,
She's the most gorgeous baby.
That's my grandchild!

She's the smartest of the children
In her nurs'ry school. I never
Cease to wonder that this child will
Carry on the family line.
The first word she said was "grandpa."
And the next new word was "grandma."
You can tell that she's a talker.
She must have some genes of mine.

No if's, but's or maybe,
She's the most gifted baby.
That's my grandchild!

I love to play with her for hours and hours.
And then I read to her when we are done.
I like this more than raising my own children.
Her parents get the work! I get the fun!

Please forgive me I've been going
On and on about my Sarah.
Do you have a recent picture
Of your grandchild here with you?
Oh, look, he's such a precious baby,
He should really meet my Sarah.
When my daughter comes to visit,
You can come and visit,too.

No if's, but's or maybe,
She's the most friendly baby.
That's my grandchild.

I used to see my Grandma every Sunday.
She lived a mile or two away by bus.
But Sarah's with her folks in Colorado,
And it's a long two thousand miles away from us.

So here's a picture of my Sarah
And I also have a video.
Thank goodness for technology
It helps us stay in touch.
When we call her every Sunday,
She says, "Hi grandpa and grandma."
I say, "I can't wait to see you
'Cause I miss you very much."

No if's, but's or maybe,
How I love my special baby!
That's my grand,
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