The Nightmare
Words by Dottie Burman, Music by Robin Field

 I was dreaming I am walking
On a wire that's suspended
From one side of the Grand Canyon to another.
And I use a balance pole
To try to keep my self-control,
As I put one trembling foot before the other.

Down below i see a river
Crashing through the gaping chasm.
Far ahead i see a cliff of jagged stone.
If I can reach the other side
Across the canyon three miles wide,
Istill have to face a land that is unknown.

And I'm cold. It's started snowing.
And the wind is fiercely blowing.
And it feels like I've been up here endless nights.
And the hell of it is, I'm terrified of heights!

So I'll try to keep my balance
As I'm walking on the wire.
Is this real or a cruel illusion that I see here?
Did somebody else decide it should be me here?
No, the nightmare is, Iíve chosen to be here!
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